Our focus on strategy and tireless preparation leaves no room for frivolous litigation – only success. Our opposition knows we are willing to try each case, no matter the size, region or industry.

Generalists by choice

We intentionally avoid limiting ourselves to any specific practice area or industry. Nimble and quick studies, our attorneys have proven time and again an ability to cross-examine witnesses, argue effectively, and successfully explain the most complex disputes – without regard to industry or venue.

Here’s a sampling of some of the results we’ve achieved for clients:

“Reynolds Frizzell is known as an A-list firm that, despite its small size, can stand toe-to-toe in litigation with any other law firm. Few can match – and in my experience, none exceed – its attorneys’ command over substantive and procedural law, creativity and judgment in developing strategy, excellence in written and oral argumentation, client service, and cost effectiveness.”

-Raj Duvvuri,
Litigation Counsel,
BHP Billiton
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Our practice is not limited by industry or geography.

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